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Jean-Pierre Dumas

Le blog de Jean-Pierre Dumas
Son objectif: proposer des papiers sur des problèmes économiques vus à travers la théorie et les faits.

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A Hamiltonian moment for the EU?

Source: Bloomberg /2024-03-10/"bond-investors-are-lining-up-to-fund-the-war-against-Putin? Jean-Pierre Dumas March 11, 2024 After the...

Big government is back or growing?

Jean-Pierre Dumas Tuesday, September 5, 2023 Big government is back or growing? The Keynesian culture is seeping in everywhere (including...

Les faux-monnayeurs

Jean-Pierre Dumas 14/08/2023 « Ce n’est pas l’excellence qui crée la notoriété, c’est la notoriété qui crée l’excellence » A. Finkelkraut...

Pour Fiona

Fiona Scott Morton is certainly more competent in economy and industrial competition than Mrs. Laurence Boone whose credo is limited to...

G7 or G19?

Jean-Pierre Dumas Friday, May 19, 2023 According to one senior European diplomat, the G7 is now “the workhorse of western co-operation” —...

Macron and von de Leyen go to China

As shown by the picture, they are young, and good-looking, powerful? Macron is the leader of a declining country not even in the capacity...

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