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Macron is giving others what he does not have for its own population

Jean-Pierre Dumas

Friday, February 19, 2021

Source : Emmanuel Macron, spoke to the FT, ahead of a video conference among G7 leaders on Friday, (c) Soazzig de la Moissonnière/présidence de la République

“We cannot accept, when a vaccine exists that the chance of woman or man being reduced, simply because of what country they live in…we must allocate 5% of the doses we have…It has to be a fully European and cooperative effort.”

President Macron is quite right, the problem, he forgot to mention is that there is no vaccine in France today. Today in France, people above 75 years old are entitled to receive the covid vaccine, but today it is impossible to get it. To be generous for Africa and ask other countries to follow the French leadership (called by the Quai d’Orsay, the “position française”) is a little bit childish.

The reality is that all this hullabaloo masks the decline of the past French “grandeur”. France GDP (at purchasing parity prices) amounts to 2.3% of world GDP (in 2020) (the same as the UK), it ranks at the 6th place in the world, behind China (18.6%), the US (16%), India (6.7%), Japan (4%) and Germany (3.4%). Since we are a small country in a European continent plagued with euro sclerosis, we need to remind the world how good we are. (This is not a reason to be in favour of Frenchxit).

Source: IMF/WEO/Oct. 2020

Generosity is welcome but should not be based on grandiose initiative, it is time to focus on our own constraint and to face it. For France its biding constraint is an excess of welfare state which translates into unproductive bureaucratic expenditures and obliges us to have the highest tax ratio in the world, cause of decline and low employment. The truth is that France has no money on its own; therefore, the French official strategy consists to call others to be generous under the banner of multilateralism or Europe. Lack of modesty, lack of lucidity.

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